Warrior Bowling Ball
Warrior Core

Ebonite Brings You The Warrior - Are You Ready For Battle?


Ebonite’s history of providing superior performance continues with the Warrior. The design intent behind the Warrior is to create a ball with a polished finish that reads the mid-lane and aggressively continues through the backend stronger than any other polished High Performance ball in Ebonite’s history. Are you prepared for battle?

GB 13.3 Pearl

Our brand new GB 13.3 Pearl cover is our most aggressive coverstock. We started with the original chemistry of the proven GB 10.7 and dramatically increased the porosity levels to aggressively displace oil which gives the GB 13.3 cover the ability to read the mid-lane and backend stronger than any of our other covers. 

NEW Iron Fist Core

Everyone knows how a ball responds at the breakpoint and goes through the pins determines how high your scores will be. What most don’t realize is without the proper motion from the mid-lane to the breakpoint, the rest just doesn’t happen. In designing the Iron Fist core, this is the area we focused on the most.

We wanted a shape that would help the Warrior create that defined motion from the mid-lane to the breakpoint, which is so crucial in developing great performing products. Once the shape was determined, we fine-tuned the densities of the core system to give us the right combination of Rg’s and Differentials. The end result is we’ve developed the perfect core design to match with the perfect coverstock.

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Color Red / Black Cherry / Red Pearl
Core Iron Fist
Coverstock GB 13.3 Pearl
Finish 500, 2000 Abralon™ Polished w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Mass Bias 0.020
Reaction Strong Mid-lane w/Continuous Backend

16-12 Pounds


Core Numbers

 Weight RG Diff
16 lb 2.490 0.050
15 lb 2.470 0.057
14 lb 2.500 0.056
13 lb 2.590 0.043
12 lb 2.620 0.046


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