Polaris Hybrid

Polaris Hybrid Bowling Ball
Polaris Hybrid Core 16-14lbs.
Polaris Hybrid Core

Ebonite Polaris Hybrid | First 10 with AJ Chapman


Performance Pro
Part Number 60-106773-93X
Smoke / Blue / Lime
Core Polaris
Coverstock GSV-3 Hybrid
Cover Type Hybrid Reactive
Finish 500, 1500, 3000 Siaair Micro Pad
Weights 16-12 Pounds
Lane Condition Medium to heavy oil
Reaction Strong midlane and backend
Warranty Two years from purchase date 
Release Date July 22, 2022

Core Numbers


16 lb

2.490 0.041 0.015
15 lb 2.475 0.048 0.018
14 lb 2.498 0.050 0.017
13 lb 2.597 0.041 0.014
12 lb 2.593 0.041 0.014




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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Joe Goldstein Jr

This ball really impressed me. Once I got a couple of games on the Polaris Hybrid I was able to open up the lanes more than the original Polaris and was also able to throw pins around the deck. The power and motion that I was able to see with this ball made it hard to put down!

Mike Jensen
Powerful ball reaction

I really loved this ball. It had powerful pin action and I received bonus strikes with bad hits. Highest game so far was 275. This ball is a power house for me. Love the colors as it goes down lanes and cool in the dark. I'm not a pro bowler but this ball makes people think I am. Equipment make a difference. Thank you Ebonite! P.S. Had to add a polish so not to over hook. Works perfect now.

Zach Endres
Top shelf reaction

The original Polaris is my favorite Tourny ball. I have it drilled pin down 45-70, and wanted a ball to complement that shape. Drilled the hybrid with a 50-4.5-50 and changed the surface to 2k with polish. The shape is a good 2-3’ longer than the original and helps create a great, strong reaction down lane

The Best ball on my arsenal

This ball is absolutely amazing! I'm having such performance with this new Polaris, consistent shots, control and performance on any lane condition! My best purchase ever!!! Thank you Ebonite

Robert Mockenhaupt
Polarize the Pocket

The Ebonite Polaris Hybrid is here. The same core design with a radial disc on the bottom of the ball to create extra motion. This ball has excellent pick up much like the solid version in the mid-lane due to the core and cover combo. The GSV-3 hybrid aggressive cover reads the mid lanes quite well. If you need a ball with that heavy roll and added length, this will be the go to ball. I love how hard it changes direction in the backend and explodes the rack. My layout is 65 x 4.75 x 35. This ball will excel for when the lanes are in transition. Happy Striking!

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