Game Breaker 4 Pearl

Game Breaker 4 Pearl Bowling Ball
16 to 14 pound core for the Game Breaker 4 Pearl Bowling Ball
13 to 12 pound core for the Game Breaker 4 Pearl Bowling Ball

Performance and Value!

It is hard to beat a Game Breaker, this series always performs, and bowlers know they can rely on it. The GB4 was a fantastic release last year for Ebonite, and we are following it up with a pearl version. Compared to the GB4 Solid, you can expect a much cleaner ball motion with excellent continuation. This ball will not be the longest and strongest pearl ball in your bag. However, it will be the most versatile and useful on a wide variety of conditions.   

GB 12.0 Pearl Coverstock

Ebonite recommends Powerhouse Clean N' Dull to keep your Game Breaker 4 Pearl performing at its best.


Performance Mid
Part Number 60-106704-93X
Ruby / Smoke
Core Enhanced V2
Coverstock GB 12.0 Pearl
Cover Type Pearl Reactive
Finish 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound
Weights 16-10 Pounds
Lane Condition Medium oil
Reaction Length with strong backend
Warranty Two years from purchase date 
Release Date February 25, 2022

Core Numbers




16 lb 2.491 0.041
15 lb 2.480 0.048
14 lb 2.517 0.048
13 lb 2.574 0.040
12 lb 2.597 0.040
11 lb 2.769 0.002
10 lb 2.800 0.002




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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Red Ball Good

Red Ball Good. Threw my first 700 series when I first got it almost fresh out of box. Is a staple in my arsenal and comes out almost every time I’m on the lanes. So overall, red ball good 👍

Mike Romero
GB4 Pearl

Ebonite knocked it out with the GB4 Pearl. I do not know why I do not use this ball any more. This ball has helped me salvage my sport/challenge league scores, bailed me out of tournaments (transition), and is a good league ball when I bring it with me. This ball is extremely clean thru the fronts and midlane with a sharp turn once it touches friction. This ball has not lost performance with a light 2000 or 3000 surface. 

Don Carle
GB4 Park

Drilled pin down, earlier roll, great backend ball.

Manny Castillo
GB4 Pearl

I am really enjoying throwing this ball. I was in need of a new symmetrical pearl and right on cue this ball was announced. Out of the box it was very clean through the front and mid lane with a sharp move once it encountered friction. I have been keeping mine at a consistent 2000 surface for it to pick up a bit sooner but still has great backend motion.

Robert Mockenhaupt
GB4 Pearl energy

The new Ebonite GB4 Pearl (12.0 cover) is here! I will say the pearl version clears the heads quite well while yielding that same continuous movement as the GB4 Solid. Just picture using this on lesser volume when the GB4 Solid begins to read early. I see this ball being quite versatile on a variety of patterns with that length and strong backend shape. Having both Solid and Pearl in the bag would be a great 1-2 punch.

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