Envision Pearl

Envision Pearl
Envision Pearl
Envision Pearl

Ebonite Envision Pearl | First 10 w/ Tommy Jones

More Performance and Value!

The Ebonite Envision Pearl introduces the HyperKinetic22 base cover into the Ebonite line. The innovative HK22 has only been released in a shiny version so far; however, the new Envision Pearl has a 3000 Siaair finish, providing more mid-lane and creates a reaction that will fill a gap in most bowlers’ arsenals. Envision Pearl continues the Ebonite promise by offering more performance and value.


Performance High
Part Number 60-106867-93X
Blue / Black / Ice
Core Envision
Coverstock HK22 - GSV-X Pearl
Cover Type Pearl Reactive
Finish 500, 1000, 3000 Siaair Micro Pad
Weights 16-12 Pounds
Lane Condition Medium to heavy oil
Reaction Strong midlane and backend
Warranty Two years from purchase date 
Release Date January 27, 2023

Core Numbers


16 lb

2.487 0.053 0.010
15 lb 2.501 0.053 0.010
14 lb 2.517 0.053 0.010
13 lb 2.589 0.043 0.011
12 lb 2.612 0.043 0.011





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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Efrem Pisano
Controlled Pearl

This a great ball that allows me a to play a bit out of my comfort area with confidence. I have concentrated on the down and in shot for about 5 seasons (7,8,9,) at the arrows . This pearl cover stock allows me to play more in the middle area of the lane (12-15) out to 10 and have great recovery with good energy . This ball and I matched up great again after the mindset which allowed for the long pattern down and in. I had a great tournament and achieved a first place finish for a Rocky Mountain Senior Tour WIN!!!!
Thanks to Zach at HPL for the 65/5/30 drill.
E Pisano

Joe G
Surprisingly versatile

I really like the envision Pearl. It gives me the same look as the envision, but gives me a little more length to get down the lane when the fronts start to burn up. It also allows me to get a little straighter with it when needed instead of having to open the lane up.

Daniel Miyamoto
Great match of cover and core

This ball has a great reaction for me. My ball speed is relatively low, but the cover-stock/core combination gets the Envision Pearl through the midlane very easily and has a good pop on the backend. Really nice looking ball that is great for the fresh.

Marcus Bell
Great Complement

The Envision pearl is the perfect complement to the envision solid. The Pearl cover gives you more pop down lane to help you when the envision solid just isn't enough to get the corner pins out.

Zach Endres
Great league ball

Put a nice pin up, 65-5-30 layout on this and have it as the ball I go to in tournament play to tradition out of my solids and into my pearls. This make a great mid game block tourny ball.

In today’s “easy street” league oil pattern, this is great ball for leagues from start to finish. The 3k finish applied to the pearl coverstock gives this ball the teeth it needs to start with during league type fresh oil, and the pearl needed to move inside and create angle to the pocket.

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