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Angular One Bowling ball
Angular One Core



One ball is all you need. Pushing our revolutionary GBV coverstock to a series high 12.7, the Angular One pearl carves the most extreme angle to the pocket yet. Now there’s no reason to throw another ball. Unless you’re into spares.

We took all the advanced technology of our most popular series and put it all together in ONE powerful release. With the GBV coverstock pushed to 12.7 in a pearl design, this ONE makes all the others seem like they’re going straight.

This year, when you open up your Real One, you could find either a Real One, or a special edition The One, Big One, Infinite One or Angular One inside. If you find a special edition One series ball, you will receive a FREE Real One.

There is a 1:9 chance of opening a special edition ball. Any consumer who opens a special edition One will be eligible to receive a Real One for free.

NOTE: The Give-A-Way is no longer active.


Color Black / Burgundy / Silver Pearl
Core Centrex Symmetrical Mass Bias
Coverstock GBV 12.7 Pearl
Factory Finish 500, 1000 Abralon® Polished with Power House Factory Finish Polish
Mass Bias 0.027
Reaction Skid / Flip
Weights 16-14 Pounds


Core Numbers

Weight RG Diff
16 lb 2.470 0.050
15 lb 2.460 0.056
14 lb 2.490 0.053


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