Code of Honor

Code of Honor Bowling Ball
Code of Honor Core


Proven Core Design.
Aggressive Solid Cover.
Strong Continuation.
Great Performance.

The Code of Honor features the CB-2 core that has been found in some of Ebonite’s top performing balls, most recently the very successful Honor. The CB-2 is a strong revving core that helps produces strong mid-lane and great continuation. The CB-2 has been a favorite for bowlers that like strong asymmetric cores that roll great for a wide range of styles and drill patterns.

The Code of Honor has the strongest cover that has ever been used on the CB-2 core, the RCS 5.0 cover is poured in a gorgeous blend of Black, Orange and Blue solid colors. We combined the strong cover with a 500, 3000 Abralon® finish in order to maintain great continuation and usability across a wide range or oily conditions.

The Code of Honor provides Ebonite fans with a top performing ball at a great value, the Ebonite promise. Bowlers will love the Code of Honor when there is some oil on the lane and they still want to see that great hook motion with a strong move on the backend.


Color Black / Orange / Blue
Core CB-2 Asymmetric
Coverstock RCS 5.0
Factory Finish 500, 3000 Abralon®
Mass Bias 0.017
Reaction Strong Overall Hook
Weight 16-12 Pounds


Core Numbers

Weight RG Diff
16 lb 2.490 0.043
15 lb 2.480 0.049
14 lb 2.490 0.052
13 lb 2.590 0.043
12 lb 2.620 0.046


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Customer Reviews

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Anthony G
Code of Honor Ball Review

I have had this ball since 2015 and it has been super consistent. It is a very versatile ball that can be used on medium/heavy oil and can also be manageable on dry conditions. Ball also hits hard if you have good hand/revolutions, Brooklyn or light shots usually leave 9. I also have NOT had a durability issues with the ball, still bowl with it to this day. Ball reads the lane about half way down and has a fairly strong reaction to get back to the pocket. If you bowl one handed and do not get a lot of hand into your shot, this ball still lets you play toward the middle of the lane and get the ball back to the pocket. This ball is also good two handed but if your ball speed is below 17 you will need to play pretty deep and hook a majority of the lane; otherwise the ball will cross over and hit Brooklyn or worse.

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