Emerge Hybrid

Emerge Hybrid
Emerge Hybrid
Emerge Hybrid

More Traction in the Mid-lane!

The Emerge was one of the year’s most underrated bowling balls. Our pros turned to the Emerge when they needed a big asymmetric pearl that handled some oil and didn’t quit on the backend. The strong asymmetrical core design combined with HK22 created a ball that could handle decent volumes of oil but, most importantly, a ball that created a sharp change of direction at the backend. We have amped up what was great about the Emerge by adding solid to the pearl cover for a hybrid version. With its hybrid coverstock, the new Emerge Hybrid provides a ball that creates more traction in the mid-lane and more overall hook potential compared to the original.


Performance Pro
Part Number 60-108079-93X
Black / Teal / Blue
Core Emerge
Coverstock HK22 - Optimize Hybrid
Cover Type Hybrid Reactive
Finish 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Factory Compound
Weights 16-12 Pounds
Lane Condition Medium to heavy oil
Reaction Strong mid-lane and backend
Warranty Two years from purchase date 
Release Date January 25, 2024

Core Numbers





16 lb 2.520 0.046 0.018
15 lb 2.510 0.053 0.021
14 lb 2.537 0.054 0.019
13 lb 2.597 0.041 0.014
12 lb 2.593 0.041 0.014





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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ronald Davis Jr.
House Shot Dominant

Emerge Hybrid - House pattern

When I saw the emerge hybrid on first 10 I thought this ball is going to be good on house patterns. Anytime you can get a ball in the oil as well as to the friction and it doesn’t over hook then you have a winner. When I got my hands on the Emerge Hybrid I was lucky enough to be on a house pattern. It was simply let it roll to the friction and watch it come back. Miss in a little as long as the release was good enough the Emerge Hybrid still went through the pins or deflected well enough. Reaction is mild not overly aggressive and not that ball you want in a large volume of oil. This could be a benchmark piece, first ball out the bag no matter what you are bowling on. The read will be true, what is even better the finish through the pins or lack thereof is true. Any time you have a bowling ball that will help you see ok this is it or ok this might not be it that is a win-win. Oh I forgot to mention first shot once the lights came on with the Emerge Hybrid stone 9 pin, so if you have read any of my other reviews that is when I knew it was perfect for me.

Daniel Miyamoto
Strong Hybrid

The Emerge rolls really well through the pins. The hybrid cover gives good length and a sharp recovery. My VAL angle was around 40-45 degrees, allowing for a more continuous move after the breakpoint. This ball had good hitting power, especially when keeping my breakpoint inside of 8 on the house pattern (since I have slower ball speed)

Daniel Morris
Emerge Hybrid

The Emerge Hybrid is a great addition to the lineup. This ball complements the Emerge. Where the Emerge is very clean thru the fronts. They Emerge Hybrid starts up early with plenty of continuation and shape downline. Ball roll great for me on medium to heavy oil conditions. This is one of the best Hybrids out. Don't miss out of this gem. Go see your Pro Shop operator and add this to your bag.

C Miller
Emerge Hybrid

The Emerge Hybrid is Ebonite's latest release in their pro performance line up, along with the Emerge Pearl.
The biggest difference I see between the two, the hybrid reads the mid lane sooner, creating more hook potential, and continues through the pins.
The Emerge Hybrid looks good on the lanes and on the shelf.
Get one!

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