Game Breaker 4 Hybrid

Game Breaker 4 Hybrid
Game Breaker 4 Hybrid
Game Breaker 4 Hybrid

Most trusted lines in bowling!

The Ebonite Game Breaker series is one of the most trusted lines in bowling and now provides more value and performance. Game Breakers continue to dominate the mid-performance category, and the new GB4 Hybrid might be the most exciting release in this line yet. Adding the HK22 base to a hybrid Game Breaker means versatility and strikes – lots of them. This exciting addition of a base coverstock that is changing the game to the already proven and famous Enhanced V2 core will make this one of the most anticipated Ebonite releases in quite some time.


Performance Mid
Part Number 60-106891-93X
Purple / Black
Core Enhanced V2
Coverstock HK22 - GB 12.0 Hybrid
Cover Type Hybrid Reactive
Finish 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Factory Compound
Weights 16-10 Pounds
Lane Condition Medium oil
Reaction Length with strong backend
Warranty Two years from purchase date 
Release Date March 23, 2023

Core Numbers




16 lb 2.491 0.041
15 lb 2.480 0.048
14 lb 2.517 0.048
13 lb 2.574 0.040
12 lb 2.597 0.040
11 lb 2.769 0.002
10 lb 2.800 0.002





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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Glenton Smith
Awesome ball

I went to a product demo for the first time in April 2023. I tried about 7 different balls and thought I had made up my mind until someone told me to try the GB4. It took me 3 throws to know that was the ball I wanted. 10 months later in February 2024 I threw my first 300 in 35 years of bowling with the GB4. Unless the lanes are dry, the GB4 is my go to ball

Ronald Davis Jr.
GB4 And Another One

Game Breaker 4 Hybrid - House Patterns and Sport Patterns

FIRST GB I have seen that is this sharp my goodness the GB4 Hybrid has some tuck and roll to it. This is a good benchmark ball that could tell you what the lanes are doing right away. GB4 Hybrid gets up the lane then dives through the head pin that means the pattern is a little to short or the backends are to clean for it. GB4 Hybrid just won’t make it up the hill then you know it might be too much volume. Those are perfect reads in my opinion, bowlers usually want a bowling ball that is going to show them how it will act throughout the night. I feel like the GB4 Hybrid is that person you take with you knowing they are going to be who they are no matter what is going on or who is around. However, you always want them on your side. When the GB4 Hybrid is digging through the volume perfectly and has the ability to finish at the pins I am not sure there is better piece to have in your hand.


The GB4 Hybrid is the most versatile ball I have ever thrown. I roll lefty and can go straight up boards or to the inside. This ball once it starts its move actually gives the appearance of picking up speed - which is usually indicative of a perfectly matched core and cover stock. Throw in the HK 22 additive and you have an explosive combo. Only hope is they keep this one in the lineup longer than most….

Joe Imholte
My favorite GB so far!

Hello and thank you for reading my thoughts on a piece that has become a staple in my arsenal, the Ebonite GB4 Hybrid. To give you a little information about how I bowl: I have 520 rpm, 18mph off the hand, 64 degrees of rotation, and 24 degrees of tilt. For those that do not know what most of the means, I have a high rev rate and create very easy length with a strong response to friction. The surface I keep my GB4 Hybrid at is 3000, as I need my ball to slow down front to back a touch more than the box surface. This coverstock is highly tunable, giving you the reaction you need with a surface adjustment. The layout I went with was 80 by 4 3/8 by 50, placing the pin in my middle finger. I'm going to sound like a typical staffer saying it's clean through the fronts, reads the midlane, and has a strong response to friction. This is just the truth to the reaction I see. When the conditions call for this ball, I can't seem to put it down. It's predictability in every part of the lane makes it so appealing to me. The black and dark purple coloration fits my eye very well, while also drawing the eyes when on a shelf. The response to friction is strong, but never unpredictable. If you're in need of ball for game 2 of league, the Ebonite GB4 Hybrid fits perfectly in this slot. I can't say enough good things about this piece. It might be my favorite GB and I've had a great deal of success with previous iterations. Check it out at your pro shop and you'll be happy!

Joe G

This GB4 hybrid is everything you liked from the Pearl with just a bit more versatility and predictability. I’ve been able to use it on all types of patterns and it never fails to impress. I’ve already drilled up two more just because it’s that good!

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